IDEAL clamps – The clamping force

Ideal clamps

High quality tools have been manufactured in the region Remscheid for centuries. Tradition and innovation have been passed on from father to son for generations in the family.

Besides experience and knowledge of the demands of the experts, the IDEAL quality product incorporates the most up to date process engineering. Consistent quality through continuous inspections and testing of the raw materials guarantee top quality tools from IDEAL.

Made in Germany

Dear Partner,

the Bondhus group, and therefore also the Heinrich Betz International Werkzeugfabrik (IDEAL, SORA) as a part of the the Bondhus group, are withdrawing from the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR Cologne 2020.

Bondhus and Betz are family owned business and the safety of our staff, customers and visitors is always a priority for us. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have been watching the development and spread of the virus carefully. The facts regarding the spread of the virus is still not clear. This uncertainty regarding the coronavirus has forced us to reassess participation in the Cologne Hardware Fair and to cancel our participation. Despite all the measures taken by the European Union and the Koelnmesse, we cannot be certain that our employees or business partners could not become infected with this potentially dangerous virus. And we cannot accept this risk. Economic interests may not take precedence now because we have the responsibility to protect the people who work for us and with whom we do business. The safety and protection of our employees, customers, and partners is our most important responsibility and it is with this responsibility in mind that we have made this very difficult decision.

We ask for your understanding and are available to answer any questions you may have. We will inform you promptly about our new products via other means.